Thursday, November 21, 2019

How Can the Interactive Approach to Management be Successfully Research Paper

How Can the Interactive Approach to Management be Successfully Implemented in an Organization - Research Paper Example Stage one organizations are small, single-business enterprises managed by one person. The owner-entrepreneur has close daily contact with employees and each phase of operations (Silzer, 2010). Most employees report directly to the owner, who mates all the pertinent decisions regarding mission, objectives, strategy, and daily operations. Implementation of the interactive approach is easy in such an organization because of the number of staff. Stage two organizations differ from Stage I enterprises in one essential aspect: an increased scale and scope of operations force a transition from one-person management to group management. Stage 3 consists of organization whose operations, though concen ­trated in a single field or product line, are scattered over a wide geographical area and large enough to justify having geographically decentralized operating units. These units all report to corporate headquarters and conform to corporate policies, but they are given the flexibility to tailor their units strategic plan to meet the specific needs of each respective geographic area. Ordinarily, each of the geographic operating units of a Stage III Organization is structured along functional lines. Stage one and two organizations have limited communication channels and as such, implementation of the interactive strategy by the management is easy. In stage three organizations, the channels are much more complicated and implementation of this management approach requires a lot of input from the manager and cooperation from the employees. The managers role in the implementation process is in leading and setting the tone, and style of strategy imple ­mentation (Hatum, 2010). There are two ways that the manager can use to implement the interactive management approach: They can opt for an active, visible role or a low-key, behind the scenes role; it will be

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